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About Our

Boomer Club

If you are one of the 76,000,000 Baby Boomers born in the USA between 1946 and 1964, here’s your chance to test your memory on the facts, the fiction, the fashions, and the fads of the Baby Boomer generation!

Why Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers had a tremendous influence on pop culture. As the first consumer generation growing up in the television age, Boomers fueled the growth of mass media. And by embracing rock and roll, Boomers launched? the ‘counter culture’, the hippie movement, Woodstock, and a music industry that recorded millions of popular songs.

Why a Club?

Everyone loves Clubs. Even little kids! And our host, Kenny Gee, was no exception. As a kid Kenny’s favorites were ‘Password’, ‘What’s My Line?’, ‘To Tell The Truth’, ‘The Dating Game’, and ‘Hollywood Squares’ to name a few. And now that all those old chestnuts are off the air, its time for a blast from the past on the new Baby Boomer Game Show.

About Our Club President

Kenny Gee Loved Romper Room!

Romper Room was a preschoolers television series that debuted in Chicago on WGN in 1954 with hostess “Miss Rosemary” Rapp.